Read more about Autism Speaks' spending based on its 2014 audited financial reports here.  

Autism Speaks does NOT speak for us!

When Autism Speaks routinely dehumanizes Autistic people for personal gain,
silence is NOT an option. 
Speak up or be complicit. 
Join us and tell partners of Autism Speaks to stop funding hate groups! 

Toys R Us *  Capital One * Pump It Up * Casey's General Store * Queens Flowers * Coinstar * Scentsy
 Continental Accessory * Shoprite Supermarkets * Dollar General * Springfree Trampoline * Dover International Speedway
Sprouts Farmer's Market's * FedEx * Stadium Nest Fragrances * Fox Sports * Stella and Dot * GAP * The Home Depot
Joe's Crab Shack * TJ Maxx * Kid Natural Hero * Total Wine and More* Landscape Structures * Tsukihoshi * Mattress Warehouse
White Castle * Med Claims Liason * Zales * Modell's Sporting Goods * Sevenly * Lindt  *French's Mustard *Paypal Credit *Turbotax

How Autism Speaks allocated 2014 funds: